Simplifying the complex from Collaton Consultancy Limited

Have you ever wondered what the law says about managing Legionella on your site? Then having worked out what law you are meant to comply with have you wondered how to implement it? Not only is there the law but there is a host of other guideleines around so how do you know what is important?

Fortunately help is at hand. Collaton Consultancy Limited are a specialist, expert, consultancy that is there to help you understand what you need to do and how to do it.

With over 38 years of experience managing Legionella issues and water treatment we are ideally placed to help you. We also act as Expert Witnesses if it all goes wrong so you know you can rely on us.

If you need help with writing a Written Scheme (or Water Safety Plan as it is sometimes known), knowing what to monitor and what records to keep, help managing your water treatment company to ensure you are being looked after correctly then we are there for you. We also offer expert training, consultancy and crisis management and in healthcare we act as Authorising Engineer (Water).

We also help water treatment companies get it right by training your staff or helping you manage your systems and processes.

Contact Collaton Consultancy Limited on

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We are there to simplify the complex!


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