Collaton Consultancy launch exciting new logo

Collaton Consultancy Limited

There is a story to the colours of the logo, it is not just random choice.

Collaton Consultancy Limited is based in Torbay, Devon, in the South West of England. For those of you who don’t know the bay is called the “English Riviera” as it is so picturesque.

So back to the colours, the blue represents the azure skies and sea that we have here. The yellow reresents the sand and the sun that always shines.

The reddy-brown is the colour of the soils and the cliffs around here. If you have ever visited you will know what I mean because even the sheep turn into “red-heads” after they have been in the fields for a while.

So, no matter where I am in the world I will always be reminded of Torbay due to the colours in the company logo.

The strap band represents our deep desire to help companies overcome problems, whether they are Legionella, Pseudomonas or water treatment.

Why don’t you try us, we help water treatment companies and end users alike. Our expertise is there to help you.


telephone: +(0)7958 124563

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