Is Legionella training expensive?

A UK based private health firm has been fined £3 million after the death of a resident at one of their care homes from Legionnaires’ disease.

When investigated by the HSE they found that for more than a year whilst major refurbishment works were carried out the company failed to implement the necessary control and monitoring measures under ACoP L8 and HSG 274 to safely manage their hot and cold water system. Further, those responsible for overseeing legionella controls and for taking water temperature measurements had not been trained to the required standard.

The company pleaded guilty and were fined £3 million plus £151k costs.

Had the company had the right level of training they might have avoided the death of one of their residents and the resulting fine.

I think you’ll agree that a lack of Legionella training has proved very expensive to this company,  both financially and reputationally.

If you want to avoid this expense and invest in some quality Legionella training then contact Collaton Consultancy Limited, we offer bespoke on-site training as well as on-line video based training.

Contact us on or phone on +44(0)7958 124563 to discuss your specific needs.

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