HSE audit of Legionella service providers

Following on from our blog post in 2018 advising of impending HSE audits of Legionella services providers the HSE have announced:

“HSE Field Operations Division inspectors are undertaking a series of head office visits to Legionella third party service providers between January and March 2019.  This intervention is a commitment made in the 2018/19 Business Plan and will contribute towards the control of high-consequence risks from Legionella.  Visits will be targeted towards third party contractors providing water treatment services, legionella risk assessments and cleaning and disinfection services.

Recent HSE cooling tower interventions indicate that whilst risk management is improving, analysis suggests that some dutyholders have struggled to achieve sustained compliance and that a contributory factor in this, may have been poor or inadequate service provision.

Visits will be focusing on some of the following areas:

  • how service providers cooperate and communicate with clients, especially once issues have been identified (e.g. non-compliance with the Approved Code of Practice (L8) or when there is evidence of inadequate control).
  • training and supervision of service provider employees.
  • how risk assessments and cleaning activities are planned and access arranged to work at height and operational evaporative cooling systems.
  • whether respiratory protective equipment is adequate and suitable for the cleaning of evaporative cooling systems.”

Non-compliance with L8 is a key area as is training. Collaton Consultancy Limited supply auditing and training ti ensure both Legionella service providers and end users are compliant with L8.

If you ned help preparing for the HSE visit or if you have actions to complete following a visit, or if you just would like some peace of mind then contact Collaton Consultancy Limited on general@collatonconsultancy.com

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