Amoeba and Legionella bacteria

It is well known that Legionella requires to spend part of its life cycle within amoeba but did you know that the incidence of some amoeba is much greater in the UK than in the USA or the Netherlands.

A recent study showed that 89% of a sample of homes in the UK tested positive for amoeba and it was concluded that te presence of cold water storage tanks promotes the growth of free living amoeba (FLA).

A common feature of the samples positive for FLA was the presence of biofilm on the swab specimens taken from inside the tap outlets. FLA in domestic water supplies may well serve as reservoirs for the presence and transmission of other human pathogens.

This example shows the importance of keeping water systems clean and moving as flowing water allows the amoeba to be flushed from the system whilst preventing biofilms and sediments will reduce the opportunities for amoeba and Legionella to proliferate.

Interestingly water hygiene companies do not test for amoeba when carrying out microbiological samples, nor is there any requirement to do so.

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