Useful knowledge about Legionella

Have you ever read this book? If you are serious about Legionella it is a must read. I was flicking through it the other day and it reminded me how much the UK knows about Legionella and how we are at the forefront of knowledge on the subject.

This book was written a mere 10 years after Legionella was “discovered” but it contains a wealth of useful information and good advice.

As an example there is an article on spa pools where it states:

Spas and whirlpools in which water is recirculated, but not changed after each use, present particular problems for the maintenance of water quality. It is general practice to change the water quite infrequently because of the cost of reheating the water and chemical treatment…

Jones and Bartlett (1985) have suggested that adequate water quality can only be achieved in heavily used public and commercial spasand whirlpools by regularly draining of the entire system, and replenishment with fresh water…

It took until 2017 for that recommendation to be complied with in the form of HSG 282. In the meantime spas became a major source of cases of Legionnaires’ disease and deaths.

Sometimes it is worth re-reading what was said in the past and checking that we are following up on recommendations made.

This book is full of nuggets like that and should be required reading by those serious about managing Legionella.

If you need help understanding Legionella then why not contact Collaton Consultancy Limited (we have read the book and have our own copy!).

Contact us on or phone on +44 (0)7958 124563

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