Over 85 Expert Online Training Courses For You

Collaton Consultancy Limited are passionate about training.

Training is the start of competence.

We are bringing to you a collection of over 85 online video based training courses created by experts to help further the training of you, your staff and your customers. Each course is accredited and a certificate is issued to show you have passed the course so you can build your knowledge base in your chosen field.

The courses have been put together by experts in their field and are categorised into three main areas:

Health and Safety

Health and Social Care

Business Skills.

The courses are broken up into manageable segments so you can stop and start anytime you want making the course ideal for fitting into your busy schedule. Information is concise and appropriate to your daily needs so you can apply the learning immediately, cementing the knowledge gained.

The cost of the courses is very economic, starting from £15 plus vat per course. We also offer subscription deals and bulk purchasing for those companies with many staff to train.

If you want to know more about our courses why not consider a free trial of any course so you can understand the benefits they bring.

More information can be found at https://www.collatonconsultancy.com/online_training.htm

Health and Safety courses can be found at https://www.collatonconsultancy.com/health_and_safety_online.htm

Health and Social Care at https://www.collatonconsultancy.com/health_and_social_care.htm

Business Skills at https://www.collatonconsultancy.com/business_skills.htm

If you want to discuss with us how we can help further with bespoke training or any of our other services then contact us via general@collatonconsultancy.com or phone us on +44 (0)7958 124563





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