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Unfortunately the Press regularly contains articles about illnesses or death in a workplace environment. The health and safety industry is in place to protect staff and visitors alike. The health and social care industry is there to protect and look after patients, staff and visitors alike.

In other words there are a lot of professionals out there with responsibility to protect people. This is why Collaton Consultancy Limited help those professionals by offering training to help increase the competence and professionalism of those hard-working staff.

Collaton Consultancy Limited are therefore proud to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to training courses for those hard-working professionals.

With over 80 training courses the website,, is dedicated to helping you increase your knowledge and understanding of a range of courses. There are three main categories of courses:

Health & Safety

Health and Social Care

Business Skills

We are confident that you will find a subject of interest to you.

These courses are video based and contain the information you need to learn more about your chosen subject. The courses are modular so you can stop and start at any point and easily pick up from where you left off. Questionnaires throughout the course check your understanding and the course allows you to go back to check your understanding if needed. Once you pass all the components you will receive a personalised training certificate which is endorsed by a number of well-known accreditation bodies.

If you are not sure which course is for you why not try a free taster session first before you buy the course, though you will find all courses very cost-effective.

These courses are not only open to individuals, if a company wishes to offer either a broad range of courses to its staff or even a more focused range then we having pricing plans to suit all needs. Payment can be made by a range of methods including cards for individuals or invoice for companies.

If you wish to discuss your needs before purchase, or to talk about any issues raised in the courses then contact us via email on or phone on +44 (0)7958 124563.

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