Check out your Legionella knowledge for free

Would you like to check out your Legionella knowledge for free?

We have created a questionnaire with 25 questions in it on basic Legionella awareness. If you manage to get 20 or more correct out of the 25 questions we will send you a free Collaton Consultancy pen to the address you supply (only one attempt at the questionnaire is allowed).

Collaton Consultancy pen
Free Collaton Consultancy pen of offer

More importantly you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you know quite a lot about Legionella.

Whilst this questionnaire is not aimed at Legionella professionals, unless of course you would like a free pen, we are happy for you to take the questionnaire. However if you want to ask your customers to take the test you will get a feel for their level of knowledge before they attend a training course.

In order to take the questionnaire then click the picture below and you will be taken to the questionnaire.

Answer 20 out of 25 correctly to receive a free pen

If after taking the questionnaire you would like to improve your knowledge then Collaton Consultancy Limited offer both face to face and online training courses for Legionella.

Online training courses

To find out more about the face to face courses we have then contact us via email on

Collaton Consultancy Limited are a specialist consultancy offering technical advice on Legionella, Pseudomonas and water treatment. We also act as Authorising Engineer (Water) in healthcare sites and as Expert Witnesses. We also offer both online and face to face training in a host of subjects.

More information can be found on the following websites:

Online Training

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