January is Good Care Month

Good Care can mean many things; looking after loved ones, ensuring a safe environment to live and work, taking care of your staff, managing water systems. All of these things and more beneft from knowledge and competency in taking Good Care.

For this reason Collaton Consultancy Limited believes in training people in understanding their role in providing Good Care. We have both online and face to face training courses available in many subjects to help train staff.

Online we have over 90 courses that can help you and your staff to learn new skills with courses such as:

Health & Safety in a Care setting – Collaton Consultancy Limited

Infection Control – Collaton Consultancy Limited

Duty of Care – Collaton Consultancy Limited

End of Life Care – Collaton Consultancy Limited

Person Centred Care – Collaton Consultancy Limited

Safeguarding Children – Collaton Consultancy Limited

… and many more.

Our courses are accredited and the online courses can be stopped and started to suit your learning and time needs.

We also offer face to face training for managing your water systems to ensure they are safe and do not present a risk to health.

Why not contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can help and support you in offering “Good Care”

If you want to know how to manage your water systems successfully then contact Collaton Consultancy for more advice via our email:


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