Food Allergy Awareness Week 12th May

Collaton Consultancy Limited act as Authorising Engneers for healthcare sites and so bring you informaton on health related issues.

From the 12th May this year it is Food Allergy Awareness week so whether you are in healthcare of social care Collaton Consultancy offer training courses to suit your needs. Why not consider the followng courses for your staff:

Allegen Awareness: Allergen Awareness

Level 1 Food Safety Online video based course: Food Safety Level 1

Level 2 Food Safety Online video based course: Food Safety Level 2

Achieving Food Hygene ating level 5: Food Hygiene Level 5

Nutrition and Hygiene: Nutrition and Hygiene

We offer over 80 different courses starting from £15 per course, covering a wide range of subjects, so why not check out our listings at: Online training courses

Collaton Consultancy Limited’s aim is to make a complex world simple.

Contact us on to see how we can help you.

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