Simplifying the complexity of managing your microbiological resuts

Have you ever tried tracking the results of water samples sent for Legionella and/or Pseudomonas aeruginosa on a spreadsheet?

After a while, the spreadsheet becomes very unwieldy with tracking individual outlets almost impossible. What’s more quickly looking back at the history of an outlet is difficult.

Have you created your sample plan, so you know exactly when the next sample is due to be taken from an outlet, do you know whether the last sample you took is a routine sample or an ad-hoc sample?

Once you get your sample result back from the lab how do you store all the additional information, such as temperature, biocide level, lab reference number etc., on the spreadsheet so all the information you need is to hand?

Now add managing Point of Use filters added to the outlets, knowing when each has been added and is due to be removed is another spreadsheet nightmare.

Well, all that complexity has just been made simple.

Collaton Consultancy has designed and built a database that will manage all that for you.

Our database will allow you to log all of your outlets and create a sample plan for each one that will then allow you to create a work plan for samples to be taken for any given time period you choose.

It will collate all the information that should be taken at the time you sample, as recommended in BS7592 for example.

You will have a full history of any given outlet at the click of a few mouse buttons.

You can track the results from other bacteria as well as Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa allowing you to track all common bacteria used to monitor hot and cold water systems.

Once you enter the results from the lab you will get an immediate interpretation of the result as described in HSG 274 Part 2 and HTM0401 so that you don’t have to think about how to interpret the results.

As well the system will track when you added a point-of-use filter and when you must remove it giving you a work planner, so you always know where you are.

All this management control is in a simple system, not a series of complicated spreadsheets but a simple single Access database.

Need to create a report for a Water Safety Group? Need to know the % positivity for your samples for any given time period. Simple, click a few buttons and your report is ready.

Whilst the system is based on Microsoft Access it can run on the free run-time version if you don’t have the program already installed or as part of Microsoft 365. The system allows 5 users to be connected to the program with unique logins to ensure your data remains secure. As the system is not web-based security is maximised and the data is always available and always yours.

Why not contact us to arrange a demonstration and a discussion of its full functionality so that you can see the benefits of the system and how you can easily implement it for your site?

Email us on

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